OpenSocial Ecosystem

has been... extensively covered in just about all media over the past few days.  The official site is up, and the video from the Campfire 1 announcement as well.

Obviously this is just a first step.  We're all trying to build a self-sustaining ecosystem, and right now we're bootstrapping.  It's a bit like terraforming:  We just launched the equivalent of space ships carrying algae :).

A key next step is making it easy to create social app containers.  It's not hard to build a web page that can contain Gadgets, though it could be easier.  Adding the social APIs, the personal data stores, social identity, and authentication and authorization makes things a lot more complex.  This is the part I'm working on, along with a lot of other people.  It's a problem space I've been working in for a while on the side.  Now it's time to achieve 'rough consensus and running code.'