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The new Atom is here! The new Atom is here!

The Atom syndication format is pretty much baked; see the version 1.0 spec.  It'll take a while to get an RFC numberand the vanity license plate, but barring typos it's final.

(Next step: Defining the general Atom protocol standard, which willenable interoperable use of Atom for things like blog editors.)

Blog This

With our latest rev of Journals, we've enabled a new Blog Thisfeature.  You need a special "bookmarklet" to take advantage ofit.  Since Journals prevents pages hosted on from hostingJavascript, I have to give the ugly Javascript code for the link inplain text:javascript:q=""+(window.getSelection?window.getSelection():document.getSelection?
je='+(q?escape('"'+q+'"'):escape(location.href)),'_top'))Create a bookmark and copy and paste the Javascript URL above intothe URL box. Then, select it when you're looking at a page youwant to comment on.  It will bring you directly to an Add Entrypage with a default title and text.  (If you select text on theoriginal page first, it will copy that over automatically.)