We should have paper ballots and meaningful automatic recounts always

1. Now that this has been raised, it'll be a divisive issue forever until put to rest with actual recounts, not just statistical analysis.

2. This is not a partisan issue; we should all want accurate results. 

3. I would be surprised given other data whether this would change the result of the election. But it's worth doing for 1 and 2.

4. For some reason which defies logic apparently only the candidates can request recounts. Jill Stein is also pushing for recounts despite having zero chance of winning, which seems like a win/win to me.

5. Recounts should be automatic in all races and a paper trail for each vote cast is the most reliable state of the art we have for doing this. I've been saying this for over a decade now as do most software engineers who look into the problem.

Ref: https://www.gregpalast.com/exclusive-jill-stein-just-called-green-party-filing-recount-michigan-wisconsin-pennsylvania/#more-12950

[Originally published Nov 23,2016 on Google+ at  https://plus.google.com/115608553892438743738/posts/6tLPezgPnUR]

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