Blogger #1 "Social Networking" Site Worldwide

The folks over at Windows Live Spaces just crunched some ComScore worldwide numbers.  Their headline was "Windows Live Spaces at a Crossroads", but I think my headline fits their graphs better.

According to them, Blogger did140,000,000 worldwide unique visitors in September, and has been on a tear since June.  Nice!  And to all those Blogger users, thank you!

Of course, whether Blogger is a "Social Networking" site depends on your definitions; Dare wants to disqualify the front runner.  Me? I think 140 million people can speak for themselves.



The San Diego Union-Tribune has been posting wildfire-related updates in real time to a site, http://fireblog.signonsandiego.com/, but their servers melted under the load, so they moved over to Blogger yesterday, and have been up and running and helping people out since last night. It was great to be able to tell them that load isn't a problem for us :).


A Four Year Mission... to Boldly Go Where No Protocol has Gone Before

Today's message from the IETF:

The Atom Publishing Format and Protocol WG (atompub) in the Application Area has concluded.


The AtomPub WG was chartered to work on two items: the syndication format in RFC4287, and the publishing protocol in RFC5023. Implementations of these specs have been shown to work together and interoperate well to support publishing and syndication of text content and media resources.

Since both documents are now Proposed Standards, the WG has completed its charter and therefore closes as a WG. A mailing list will remain open for further discussion.

Congratulations and thanks to the chairs Tim Bray and Paul Hoffman, to the editors of the two WG RFCs (Mark Nottingham, Robert Sayre, Bill de Hora and Joe Gregorio), and to the many contributors and  implementors.


Widget Summit

I'm headed to the Widget Summit tomorrow; let me know if you're going on Monday and want to sync up.  (Unsure whether I can make Tuesday or not yet.) 
Widget Summit attendee


The Atom Publishing Protocol is here!

The Atom Publishing Protocol, aka APP, aka AtomPub, now has another alias: RFC 5023.  Congratulations to the WG, and to Joe and Bill for many person-years of effort!

Suspended by the Baby Boss at Twitter

Well!  I'm now suspended from Twitter for stating that Elon's jet was in London recently.  (It was flying in the air to Qatar at the...