Supernova: Guten Tag

Kevin Marks gave an introduction to tagging and even better, put it up online.  So now I can point people there instead of stumbling through explanations myself.  Cool.

On a side note, I've been behind on blogging and missed congratulatingTechnorati on their cool new look & features.  I managed toshow their new consolidated tag searchto an executive yesterday -- searching for tags popped up not onlyposts, but photos from buzznet and flickr.  It was a great way topoint out the utility of interoperability.

Kevin made a good point about cognitive load.  The cost ofapplying a tag needs to be near-zero.  The iPhoto keywords featureis a great anti-example.

The ecosystem is jumping all over tags.  LiveJournal added supportfor tags last week.  The Mac "ecto" tool now has tag support aswell.  Oh yes -- upcoming.org does hCalendar; evdb does hCalendarand hCard. Note to self: Check all these out soon.

I do think people are waving their hands a bit around authorization andauthentication, especially when Tanenbaum talks about an ecosystem ofservices.  Do I just give all these services all of my usernamesand passwords?  How do I know I can trust some of these littlefly-by-night web services with my private information?  Also,Marty, please, please don't curse this by invoking AI.  

In the future, I'll Google "concerts in the next week" and get not justwebsites but a consolidated, sortable list of events from all sources.

Best comment of the session (rough quote) from John Seely Brown: "You're doing pragmatics as well as semantics and that's why you'llwin."

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  1. Hey, if someone hijacks your precious del.icio.us account or whatever, what's the real harm?

    We're forced to trust banks and stuff, because they're "not fly by night shops" and because we really have no choice, and they get 0wned to the tune of <a href="http://money.cnn.com/2005/06/17/news/master_card/">40M+ credit cards</a>.


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