Neat site statistics service

Clearly, John ate a bit too much turkey over the holiday and let his LinkRank slip a bit.  PubSub's Site Statsis a neat service that includes data from AOL Journals and many otherplaces, and presents the information in summary form so you can see howmany people link to your blog.  Just put your URL in the box andbookmark the page for later:



  1. gee.... I wonder why his link rank slipped? Hmmmmm. I shall go contemplate that in the blinding glare of my old journal's ad banners.
    I actually really enjoyed this post:):):) judi

  2. We woke up this morning, not just to the continuation of ads on our journals, but now animation in the ads that leaves the ad banner space and runs across our journals.  This is now a bad situation made much worse and I am sure as that scooter runs across the journals of some fence sitters on this issue, more will decide they have had enough.  We have been doing everything we know to do to tell AOL that this is going to kill journaling at AOL altogether.  There is only a small number of you that we can find that even seems to be listening.  What else should we be doing?  Is there no end to the deterioration of this situation?


  3. The disclaimer is in place.  Its better than nothing, but I still don't want the ads there.  Just had to point that out because I don't want anyone to think that I'm okay with it now.
    My current concern is regarding cookies.  One of my readers received a cookie alert from one of the advertisers while he was reading my journal.  Naturally he rejected the cookie because he hates cookies.  Is this what our journals have become, just a tool to infest the world with ads?  I'm feeling very small, insignificant and used over here.  First my space was invaded and forced to host the ads, and now my readers are being hit with spam-cookies.  Not good, not good at all.
    By the way, that stat site was a fun visit.  I don't know what it all means, but it was fun to look at.

  4. Pubsub is cool. I like the way it shows my inbound and then my outbound links.

  5. I forgot to say.... thanks for this link.  Its neat!


  6. plittle and others: Thanks for mentioning that we're apparently not properly handling the statistics for the non-US AOL Journals sites. We're in the process of tracking down the problem and getting this fixed.

    bob wyman
    CTO, PubSub.com


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