Buddy Updates for Blog Entries

Greg of aiminfo blogs about IM Triton release :

"Buddy Updates allow you to view changes or additions your buddies make to their away messages, message boards and profiles.  You will see a new icon next to the buddy in the buddy list when an update has happened: "

You can grab the latest AIM Triton here.  What Greg doesn't mention is that this also works for blog entries made through Journals.  So if you use the latest AIM client, you'll be notified about your buddies' latest blog posts.  If you try it out, please let me (or Susan or Joe or John) know what you think.  This only works for public blogs, the ones that you can find through AOL or Google search in any case, but it does give you an up-to-the-minute picture of what's going on with your buddies.

Oh, and we have an update for Journals going out tomorrow morning.  After it's complete, one nonobvious change is that you'll be able to see the list of Journals someone publishes by going to their screen name on Journals (for example, http://beta.journals.aol.com/panzerjohn/ will give you a list of mostly test blogs).  The page lists public blogs, plus any private blogs that you're a reader of.  (Others are invisible.)  Also, the page has a nifty search box where you can type in screen names to try to find their Journals if they have any.  Again, let us know what you think.  It's sort of a hidden feature right now in that you have to know to type in the right URL.  So feedback is welcomed!


  1. John I assume this only for AIM?

  2. Betty - It only works with the AIM Triton client, but AOL members can use Triton for IM too.  It's coming along and I'm experimenting with using it as my own IM client on Windows (no Mac version yet unfortunately).  The updates themselves work for both AIM and AOL Journals.

  3. ive tried using it and it sounds like a good idea, but it keeps prompting me to type my screenname and password. That isn't the problem. The problem is that once I click log in, it says I need to enable java and cookies in my browser.  First of all, I wasnt sure what browser it was talking about. I use firefox, but I also have internet explorer and of course aol explorer browser. I changed the settings in all of them to allow all cookies and allow all java. I restarted aim, and no improvement. Am I doing somthing wrong and if so what can I do to fix it?


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