Relationship requires identity

Let's face it, relationship silos are really justextensions of identity silos.  The problem of having to create andre-create my relationships as I go from site to site mirrors my problemof having to create and re-create my identity as I go from site tosite. The Facebook Platform might have one of the better IdentityProvider APIs , but all the applications built on it still have to staywithin Facebook itself.
Yup.  Which is the primary reason that I've been interested in identity-- it's a fundamental building block for social interactions of allkinds.  And think of what could happen if you could use theInternet as your social network as easily as you can use Facebooktoday.  As ScottGilbertson at Wired discovered, it's nothard to replicate most of the functionality; it's the people whoare "on" Facebook which makes it compelling.

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