IIW2007b Updates

First session set up by Terrell of ClaimID: Open Life Bits, some interesting discussion about how to control one's one data and deal with data about one's self.  The distinction is interesting and useful; every transaction that involves a second party potentially generates data about you controlled by that party, but you do want to be able to deal with that data, correct inaccuracies, etc.  Notes here.

Next session, Joseph Smarr of Plaxo, OpenID user experience.  Good walkthrough of UI issues.  Note that with directed identity in OpenID 2.0, can simply ask to log in a user given their service.  Notes here.  Using an email address is a possibility as well; clicking on a recognizable icon (AIM) to kick of an authentication process is probably the most usable path right now.

Session: OAuth Extensions; notes here

Session: OAuth + OpenID.  Use case:  I have an AOL OpenID.  I go to Plaxo and am offered to (1) create an account using my AOL OpenID and (2) pull in my AOL addressbook, all in one step.

Proposal:  I log in via OpenID and pass in an attribute request asking for an OAuth token giving appropriate access, which lets AOL optimize the permissions page (to one page, or organize all data together).  Then get token, and use token to retrieve data.

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