new OpenSocialFoundation(); new APIs();

It's been a busy few days. The OpenSocial Foundation sprang into being on Tuesday, with MySpace, Yahoo!, Google, and Hi5 as initial members; on the same day, Microsoft announced contact portability for its Windows Live Contacts service, partnering with Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Tagged, and LinkedIn to access and re-use contact data. (We announced the Google Data Contacts API on March 5.) Seems like there's a trend here!

On a somewhat related note, we're moving forward on the OpenSocial RESTful API.

Update 3/31: Hi5 too!


  1. What's Open Social? I want to know about Blogger's OpenID 2.0 support!

  2. Well, it would be nice if I could initiate the sign-in process using the OpenID 2.0 Directed Identity feature by typing in "yahoo.com" or "flickr.com"


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