Deadly Garage Door Springs

Today, one of the torsion springs for my garage door broke, leaving my wife's car trapped inside until I could get there to help raise the door manually. Looking around, I discovered exactly the web page I needed: How I Replaced Deadly Garage Door Torsion Springs (and lived to tell the tale).

After a thorough perusal... I'll be looking for a repair shop.


  1. Ok, Look, after you have done the job about three times it becomes second nature.... try these common garage door torsion spring sizes...

    16x7 non insulated garage door .218x1.75x28, insulated door just increase the wire gauge to .225 and for a steel back try a .234x1.75x32 or 33 Installing springs are not rocket science how ever there is some pretty cool math and physics involved... anyway these 3 sizes of torsion spring I use every day mostly the .218 these sizes are used in pairs always for 16'x7' doors with one strut for more on this as well as everything else about the
    modern garage
    check out my new blog

  2. After some of the horror stories Id heard about garage door springs, I would not allow my husband to repair ours. He is a true do it yourselfer, but that was one job I refused to support. Using a residential garage door company cost us a bit a money, but peace of mind was worth every penny.


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