Thank you, America

As I held my infant son this morning and watching the sunrise together, I realized how proud I am of my country. We're capable of change. We can rise above intolerance, racism, class divisions, propaganda, and fear. I had faith in America, and it was justified last night. Thank you.

Also: The highest turnout since 1908? 136 million voters. 64% of eligible voters. And a majority, not just a plurality, voted for our next President. That's change.

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  1. America has gone a long way to redeeming itself internationally. The rest of the world suffered along with you due to Bush's 'errorism' and now there is a renewed sense of hope for a better future. Thank you America!

    A couple of friends and I created a space that people around the world could share this optimism and have a laugh, thanking Americans for choosing a change in direction.

    If you can contribute a message or an image of hope, please spend a minute at www.wethankyouamerica.com

    Thanks for your contribution to a better world.



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