OpenID delegation for Google's OP

Following up on Brad's announcement of last week, I wanted to test out OpenID delegation. I just set up http://www.johnpanzer.com/ to delegate to Google's OP, which lets me use my own domain as my identifier.  Earlier I was using AOL's OP; you can pick any OP you like without changing your identity.  Doing this for a static web page like this is fairly simple:
  • Make sure you know your Google Profile URL; it's useful to pick a nice readable one (which will be taken from the GMail namespace).  Mine is jpanzer.at.acm.
  • Add the following two links to the <head> section of your page HTML, substituting your own Google Profile link for jpanzer.at.acm:
<link rel="openid2.provider" href="https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/ud?source=profiles" > 
<link rel="openid2.local_id" href="http://www.google.com/profiles/jpanzer.at.acm" > 

Note that the Google OP supports only OpenID 2.0.  This is a Good Thing.


  1. Thank you very much. It's very useful for my authentication using google account and my personal domain.

  2. Okey, let's see how it works!

  3. Can you control the appearance of the username?


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