Things People Have Been Impeached For In the Past

Just a few things to bear in mind when considering what counts as "high crimes and misdemeanors".  Read this list, and, however vague you might think the boundary to be, consider just how far beyond the following lines the President's alleged conduct has brought us:
  1. Acting "contrary to the duty of his trust and station as a Senator of the United States" [Blount, 1797]
  2. Acting as a judge "in a state of total intoxication, produced by the free and intemperate use of intoxicating liquors" [Pickering, 1804]
  3. On numerous occasions, "with a loud voice, certain intemperate, inflammatory, and scandalous harangues, and did therein utter loud threats and bitter menaces ... against Congress [and] the laws of the United States duly enacted thereby, amid the cries, jeers and laughter of the multitudes then assembled and within bearing" [Johnson, 1868]
  4. Because his "personal habits unfitted him for the judicial office . . . and that his sobriety would be the exception and not the rule." [Delahay, 1873]
  5. "[B]ringing the Judiciary into disrepute" [Archbald, 1913, Article XIII, convicted and removed]
Photo of Archbald
I can't believe I was removed for "bringing the Judiciary into disrepute" but y'all are gonna keep Trump.
If "[B]ringing the Judiciary into disrepute" is a lower bound for impeachment & removal, we passed that lower bound several miles ago.  And all of this is precedent over 100 years old, so it should be no surprise to Donald John Trump.



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