Twister is interesting.  It's a decentralized "microblogging" system based on putting together existing protocols:  Bitcoin, distributed hash tables, and Bittorrent.  The most interesting part for me is using Bitcoin for user registration and spam control.  Federated systems handle this with federated trust, which is at least conceptually simple.  The Twister/Bitcoin mechanism looks intriguing though I don't know enough about Bitcoin to really comment.  Need to read further.


Like chocolate and peanut butter

I've been long looking forward to having Google+ Comments in Blogger.  Nice work +Yonatan Zunger and +Henry Wong (and lots of others).  I'm looking forward to using it.  Most of my activity is on Google+ these days, but I really miss a lot of things from Blogger as well.  Maybe this will let me have the best of both worlds?


The hill outside Google HQ, about a 270 degree panorama.


Hi, I'm John and I +1'd this Post

So Tim just added +1 buttons to his blog -- I thought I'd do the same, then realized I already had them. Since Abstractioneer is hosted on Blogger, and I already have Share buttons turned on, it's an automatic upgrade. Nice work Blogger team!