AOL Pictures Beta and woohoo

In conjunction with the new Pictures Beta, there's a cool tool called woohoo which displays a an AIMPages picture gallery in a widget, embeddable anywhere.  Fun stuff...  for example:


  1. John I thought you could only use in your aim profile.  Is there way to add to your journals now?


  2. The http://woohoo.aim.com tool lets you embed your AIMPages album pictures anywhere.  First you need to create them on your AIMPages profile, then they're available to woohoo... or on woohoo...  not quite sure if it's a verb or a noun.  Anyway, the woohoo web site shows how to copy and paste the HTML into Journals or elsewhere.

  3. Why keep it to AOL pics only?  This is an awesome widget, and I'd love to use it, AOL branding and all, but all my pics are on Flickr.  It would be great for someone to make a cross-platform photo widget that allows anyone... Flickr People, AOL people, Photobucket people, to pull in their pictures.  That would be the one I would use.

  4. We are working on a couple of things : 1) to allow upload directly from the woohoo page.  2) to allow pictures from other photo sites to be put into woohoo... stay tuned!


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