Poll: Best Atom Publishing Protocol abbreviation?

Since there's a debate about the best-practice abbreviation to use, I thought I'd run a survey:


  1. Atompub should be the other option. Case matters and camelcase messes things things up... That would have been my vote...


  2. Can we vote for a follow-up choice? Personally, I like the term "APP" because it's short, and can be said as an acronym. I like it because it conjures up the idea of an application. (Which is also a bad thing for it) It is, however, completely un-googleable.

    As my second choice, I like Atompub. It's easy to say, easy to search for, and gives a clear impression that it's short for "Atom Pub[lishing Protocol]"

    I asked my wife, (who has no prior introduction, save for shoulder surfing my emails) and she voted for "APP"

  3. Koranteng - I think we need to consider all of these to be case-insensitive but case preserving wherever possible :)

    Duck - Good point, but I'm constrained by the technology I've chosen to do the poll :).  It may be moot as aToMpUb seems to be getting a clear majority, not just plurality, of #1 votes.  


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