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Online Dating with MySpace and Facebook

At work we're experimenting with social networks.  It's amusing to note the non-overlap between the Orkut people and the LinkedIn people -- different purposes and different goals.  And the standard wisdom is that Myspace users graduate to Facebook as their social identity evolves.  Is this a function primarily of age?  Once the generation growing up with social networking hits their mid-20s, will they continue to network-hop or will they settle on one?  Or will they, like my office mates, sign up for all the networks any of their friends or colleagues are with?

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  1. They will probably sign up on all the networks but where they are active is they key right ...  The subset of the network I belong to is age classifed. For e.g. . all my nephews and nieces in high school are on orkut ... folks in college are of course on Facebook ... though I dont see any migration from facebook to linked in ... linked In is not as social I guess .... no active comments, no photos, no videos etc ... It is professional and has value but I am not sure if its as active as Facebook ..

    my conlusions:

    coexistence in orkut/myspace and facebook = True
    Migration from myspace/orkut to facebook = true
    migration from facebook to LinkedIn = hmm .. not true


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