At 4:27pm today, while walking across the lawn at work, feeling the last rays of warm amber sunlight, and listening to a small fountain: Happy. Nothing big to feel happy about, really, other than finally feeling better after six days of maybe-a-flu, and my dog is going to be okay after his surgery last week, and it's nearly the weekend and I'll be spending most of it hanging out with my three year old son.

Maybe it's possible to be happy over nothing big, given the right frame of mind. That's a good frame to keep handy.

Oh, and the feed for this blog should now be fixed. (The DNS hijinks last weekend left it misconfigured.) Happily, I'd been too sick to post much anyway...

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  1. Happiness is ...
    Whatever makes you happy! For me, this morning, that's a bright frosty morning, birds singing, dog insisting that he's a puppy (at nearly 15 years old) in order to get me to leave off typing and play with him. What makes me unhappy is the incipient cold (is it 'flu this time?) and not feeling well enough to indulge the dog!
    Interesting thought is that I rarely comment on any of the "techie-type" blogs I read. "Yes, that's useful", "I'd never need to know about that" but comment -- nah. Until you talk about happiness, the dog and the son!


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