APP Interop Final Score

The APPInterop event was a lot of fun.  Thanks everybody!  I saw a bunchof people who I've only talked to via email.  And a few I haven't seenin a long time... perhaps since the original Atom kick-off at Googlemany years ago. 

The final scorefor AOL Journals is 1-1.  If you want to continue testing againstour production endpoint, feel free to update the matrix:

service document: https://journals.aol.com/atomprotocol/service.xml
user: atomprotocol
password: password

I also got a chance to play with EC2 (thanks to M. David Peterson) inan attempt to get our latest server available for testing against.  Itwas tremendous fun to play with EC2 and I'd love to try using it for areal scalable application.  I did eventually get a server up longenough to verify our current bug fixes, but I didn't have time to fixthe date bug that James Snell found. 

I've now found 3 bugs in our date parsing code; it seems to be the mostfragile part of the parsing by far.  I'd love to see what test casesother people have for dates.  So far I know I need to add both UTC andvarious timezones, and now I know we need to round fractional seconds. (Does anybody but James send fractional seconds?)

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