Web 2.0 Expo: Mashing Up With User-Centric Identity

(Reposted from my dev.aol.com blog):

PraveenAllavilli and I just finished our talk, "Mashing Up With User-CentricIdentity", at Web 2.0 Expo. The final presentation (which differssomewhat from the original version we sent to the conferenceorganizers) is available at http://johnpanzer.com/presos/MashWithIdentity.ppt.

People said it went well; I hope so. We think it's important to dealwith 'deputization' and user permissions and I hope we can get a widelyaccepted OpenID extension to do this as well. In the mean time, ourOpenAuth APIs show one way it can be done, and they enable some prettycool mash-ups.

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