Announcing 10100100101.com

I'm excited to announce that AOL has decided to leapfrog the competition and come out with the next generation blogging service, even more streamlined than Twitter. It's blogging pared down to its bare essentials. And it works great on mobile devices, RSS, and Atom feeds.

Here's how it works: You register your phone, and every 15 minutes, you get an SMS asking "How's it going? (0/1)". You send back 0 if you're feeling down, 1 if you're feeling good, and nothing if you're asleep. We call each of these a How's It Goin', or HIG. You can subscribe to your friends' HIGstreams and see how they're doing. And we're planning a visualization tool which maps the Buddy List connection matrix to a two dimensional projection showing how the emotional states of each buddy affects their neighbors:

Interestingly, having either too few or too many happy buddies makes a buddy sad. Further research is needed.